Rockery stone
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Mine Train Quarry supplies natural rockery stone in varying sizes to suit the landscaping requirement. The sandstones neutral pH makes it an ideal choice for pond and lakes having no hazardous impact by raising pH levels of aquatic environments.

The frost resistance properties of the stone, will ensure an no breakdown of the stone over succesive winters.

SAFETY NOTE Because the stone has not been subject to explosive forces during the quarrying operation to extract it, the potential for fracture/breakage - arising from micro flaws and high residual stresses - during lifting and handling activities is minimised. Traditionally quarried stone also results in less material wastage as a result of tipping operations.

rockery stone
When used with vision, imaginative landscapes can be created. The image depicts the Alpine gardening societys, Gold winning RHS Chelsea show garden - 'magic of the mountains' RHS Chelsea gold medal winning show garden
Prices on application and will be quoted ex quarry