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ENVIRONMENTAL Considerations

The Class 1 Frost resistance properties of the stone, should ensure against structural failure or physical breakdown of the stone where harsh winters are experienced.

Excellent resistance to damage, when subjected to de icing salts and exposure to sea water.

It poses no hazards to aquatic environments as it is pH neutral so it can be used for Koi and wildlife ponds.

SAFETY Considerations
The high slip resitance value means that the stone is a wise choice in preventing accidents in wet underfoot conditions.

Because the stone has not been subject to explosive forces during the quarrying operation to extract it, the potential for fracture/breakage - arising from micro flaws and high residual stresses - during lifting and handling activities is minimised. Traditionally quarried stone also results in less material wastage as a result of tipping operations.

The excellent abrasion resistance value indicates its use for heavily trafficked areas or it can take 500 million pedestrians over a 20 year life!

The resistance to attack by sea water and de-icing salts will ensure no degradation or break up of the stone and the resultant restorative works.

AESTHETIC Considerations
The variation of the stone colours give it an easthetic appeal unique amongst UK sandstones. The combination of lilac,blue,grey and green tones create a pleasant contrast in dry conditions to a sheen of the rainbow in wet conditions.